BEE Consultant

Providing Transformation through the B-BBEE Landscape

The transformational experience that your company will undergo with White Zulu has been optimised by our team. We are well versed in B-BBEE procedures, are approachable and conduct our B-BBEE business efficiently and effortlessly.  We connect the dots of Skills Development, Employment Equity, B-BBEE and SARS/SETA to form a system that runs with ease in a landscape that can often be confusing and overwhelming at first glance

Guiding you through the BBBEE Compliance Process

We understand the difficulties of implementation, BEE verification and a frequently changing BBBEE landscape, and have become experts in finding solutions to these challenges. By engaging our Abafundi and Umlindi departments we are able to assist with driving your transformational projects over the line.

The Youth are typically enrolled on formal studies, whilst receiving quality workplace experience by placing them within vetted Host Employer's workplaces.

Our team has developed transformation tools that assist your company in staying compliant all year round by ensuring the standard of your industry’s rules, regulations, and obligations are met.


B-BBEE, EE, SETA, SARS and Skills Development

SETA Specialist

Since 2004 White Zulu has sat on the stoeps and steps of SETAs and has facilitated skills development, SETA submissions, consultations regarding policy, guidelines, and priority skills within the sector

Broad-Based Black
Economic Employment

Our approach is to identify the most cost effective transformation project by including the net cost of its implementation within a financial year


Our unique strategy meets B-BBEE scorecard as well as Employment Equity goals, over and above the implementation of procedures relating to your company’s compliance to the Employment Equity Act

Youth Employment

By participating in the Y.E.S programme the B-BBEE Recognition Level of your company will improve up to 2 levels. In addition to this, this programme provides companies considering participating with an incentive that will be impossible to ignore

White Zulu

Achieve a Higher Certificate Transformation Management NQF 5 to gain insights into the tricks of Transformation compliance and tactics. Depending on the B-BBEE skills points gap, it can be implemented as a learnership or a bursary

Host Employer

A Hosted Training Project is a partnership between two parties, whereby one company (the lead employer) funds the training programme for their employees, whilst the other (the host employer) provides the facility and dedicated mentors to assist and guide learners through their training journey


Employment Compliance and Empowerment Solutions


Design Transformation and Compliance Solutions

We Game Plan and Workshop together with you and your team and propose integrated value additions amongst relevant stakeholders


Administer Transformation Solutions

When it’s ‘that time' of the year again to submit to SETA, Employment Equity, or B-BBEE, rest assured that with our team on board, you will be poised and ready to maximise your benefits with considerable ease during this process


Implement Solutions

Through the combination and collaboration of our teams, your company will be able to implement practical and meaningful all-encompassing solutions to the challenges that the industry poses


Providing Niche Transformation Solutions

We ensure that solutions remain solutions up until that critical moment at which they are needed the most. 

Our team ensures that we uphold this ethos by engaging, consulting, and negotiating with DTi, DoEL, and SETA on a continuous basis. This ensures that we are always ahead of and aligned with possible legislative and or policy changes within this transforming landscape.


Draft B-BBEE Transport Sector Codes

It’s been too long we know! A change in perspective reveals this wait as a blessing in disguise. Nominations were submitted by industry at the end of 2021 to be considered as part of the constituency to finalise the codes.


Draft Employment Equity Act

The Bill now sits with the President, who will sign it into law…this is aimed to occur before the next reporting cycle in 2022.



    Dis altyd ‘n groot plesier om saam met julle te werk – al julle inligting is altyd betyds en op datum en julle is georganiseerd en betrokke. Baie dankie vir julle voorbereiding!

    Alta Vorster

    Khozakhulu Freight Logistics

      Efficient, friendly and well organised, which make our BEE audits a dream.

      Craig Pace

      Director - Vanguard

        Morgan Cargo relies on White Zulu Human Capital Management for their expert and industry-specific solutions to our Skills Development, Employment Equity and BBBEE requirements. This solid partnership of many years is greatly valued.

        Zelda Mulder-Cloete

        Financial Manager - Morgan Cargo (Pty) Ltd

          Thank you. Always impressed on how on top of it you are.

          Sarika Ashookmar

          Compliance, Risk and Governance Officer & Company Secretary - DHL Express South Africa

            We have worked with White Zulu for the past 16 years and have always found them to be proactive, responsive, organised and friendly. They have given GEODIS the support that is required to ensure the success of our transformation agenda. We recommend them to any business who needs to improve their SETA, EE, B-BBEE and related training solutions.

            Jan Ludolph

            Managing Director - Geodis South Africa

              Really enjoying working with you ladies – you are next level!

              Taryn le Roux

              Director of Human Resources and Business Administration - Seabourne Logistics Group

                White Zulu is very persistent in getting this admin. task off our backs! A task easily postponed if not for their involvement. Upfront quoting and timelines make for ease of planning!

                Johan Zwarts

                Director - JZA Registered Auditors

                  25 years plus working with White Zulu, with there integrity and attention to detail is an amazing journey.

                  Patsy Trewhella

                  Financial Director

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                  White Zulu is involved across multiple sectors identifying employer and professional bodies, subject matter experts
                  and collaborates with various service providers, when implementing transformational projects.

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                  At White Zulu Human Capital Management we connect the dots between Skills Development, Employment Equity, B-BBEE, SARS and SETA

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